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Updated March 2001

George Emerson Conklin
More Photos!
Even More Photos
Newest Photos
New Photos Added June 16, 2010

Some pictures were enlarged on a color-copier, then colorized with 
'Spot Pens.'
Please e-mail Eileen or the Webmaster 
with any corrections or identifications! Thank you!
cpo.jpg (166979 bytes)

CPOs Only!
Top Row, left to right:
CPHM Elander;   CBM Dick Green;   CMM Bill Ehn
Front Row, left to right:
Harvard Vickery, CGM;   CY Vince Rutledge;   Ernest Brown, CCS

underway2.jpg (132198 bytes)
muster.jpg (187062 bytes)

"C" Division at Muster
(Communications Division)

6guys.jpg (137982 bytes)

Left to right:
Leo Smith, CWT;    Ed Canepa, CSoM; 
 Ernest Brown, CCS;    Russell Elander, CPhM;
 Vince Rutledge, CY;    Harvard Vickery, CGM

mogmog.jpg (213358 bytes)
Mog Mog, Ulithi Atoll, 3/45

Do you know who these men are?
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"I showed this picture to my mother and she said, 'Are these men dead?'  But they were only drunk on warm beer at Mog Mog." -Roy Barber, RdM2C
drunk.jpg (170946 bytes)Mog Mog, 3/45

underway.jpg (127722 bytes)

Fantail View

Depth charge racks visible. Barrel of 5-inch gun in foreground. US Conklin DE-439, underway at sea. View from the fantail.

George Emerson Conklin
More Photos!
Even More Photos
Newest Photos

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