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George Emerson Conklin
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New Photos Added June 16, 2010

Catholic Chapel

WWII Postcards


signalPr.jpg (28726 bytes)
Bag Inspection trainunt.jpg (35874 bytes) Hanging Clothes communion
Dejected Cooks: KP Duty Dry Dock Post Office Torpedo Crew
  Postcard Writing Postcard Writing  


eileen_dadopt.jpg (37099 bytes)

Eileen McNamara
and her Uncle Jimmie

Newspaper Headline: Typhoon WWII groupshot.jpg (104239 bytes)


uncle pete.jpg (10086 bytes)

Lt. Peter Meros 
(one of the three men lost on our ship in the terrible typhoon.)

Frederick Morris

Frederick W. Morris
 Gunner's Mate 2nd


  four.jpg (46740 bytes)
Ray Weimer & Jim Higgins

mcnam_band.jpg (55136 bytes)
McNamara's Band
band2.jpg (56252 bytes)
GogFront_opt.jpg (15747 bytes) Genuine Night Vision Goggles Used On the 
USS Conklin
GogSide_opt.jpg (10870 bytes)
bronzestar.jpg (26195 bytes)

Captain E. McGibbon awarding Bronze Star to Lt. John Armsby
Ulithi ~ 5/13/45

hawaii.jpg (74825 bytes)

gangway.jpg (24344 bytes)

USS Conklin DE-439

Royal Hawaiian Hotel

George Emerson Conklin
More Photos!
Even More Photos
Newest Photos


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