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DESA has posted on their web site  the 2 excerpts from the "Tales of the USS Conklin DE 439"  that they have recently printed in their newspaper.

These are links to various related sites I have found while researching this project:



Kaiten YouTube
Video Clip
Here is a very good YouTube Video clip from the History Channel about the Kaiten mini suicide subs. ( manned torpedoes, actually) . It has our friend Mike Mair of the USS Mississenewa in it.
Kaiten Pilots origanization Kaiten Pilots origanization. The I-37 was a member of " Force Kukusui" and the I -48 was a member of "Force Kongo." The Site has multiple photos of the submarine and crew.
Mike Mair's history Mike Mair's history of the Kaiten attack on Ulithi. In the first section he describes the USS Conklin's sinking of the I-37.
Mike Mair's main USS Mississnewa site "Like myself, Mike found the crew of his Dad's ship and wrote a book telling thier incredible story of herosim. Mike is a great man and great son too. HIs Dad's last words on this earth were of how he wanted the story of the men of the USS MIssessnewa be told.

Mike's book goes into detail about Ulithi, Kaiten development, and the story of the USS Mississnewa AO -59 that was hit by a kaiten while at anchor at Ulithi. Almost all WWII books tell about the war in terms of battles and officers, but the war was fought by teenage boys who were not allowed to keep journals or camera, or to tell what happened to them. Mike lets their voices be heard at last, before it is too late."
Combat Stories of WWII This is an outstanding WWII site
A website about Ulithi www.cse.unr.edu/~arnold/ulithi/
USS Randolph The USS Randolph was hit by a kamikaze while docked at Ulithi. The kamikaze flew right over the heads of the USS Conklin sailors while they were sitting on the deck watching a movie. Here is a picture of the damage.
USS Pittsburgh CA 72 USS Pittsburgh CA 72 During the typhoon the bow of the USS Pittsburgh CA 72 was snapped off by the waves. Here is a link to info about the ship

Picture of Pittsburgh CA 72 after typhoon.
Ernie Pyle The men of the USS Conklin met the famous journalst Ernie Pyle shortly before his death

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A complete listing of destroyers and destroyer escorts in WWII. and links to their websites:
Destroyers Online

Destroyers Online: Escorts

DESA Article: http://desausa.org/uss_conklin_history.htm 

World War II Stories

 For more information on Kaitens:
(about the sinking of the
Underhill by Kaitens, and Commander Oba of the I-53.)


Note from Eileen: Joy Sexton found this fabulous Ulithi site. There is a great picture of a DE dropping depth charges after the USS Mississnewa explosion, - looking for Kaitens.  There is a lot of great Ulithi and MogMog stuff there. The owner of the web site is a grad student who wants to know about Ulithi and he seems to have a positive viewpoint.

Ulithi Website

A photograph of the I-53 
Brought back to Hikari by Captain Oba, the I-53 was scuttled by the Navy 4/1/46.

 A photo of a Japanese sub,
 retrieved by the Navy. Note the bowed hull. I do not know the identity of this sub, or the date. Taken from the USS Rocky Mount site.

 The DE Johnny Hutchinson 
was about to be rammed by a Kaiten when the sailors rolled a depth charge off the side of the sub, which exploded and lifted the Kaiten into the air. They then shot it with their rear 5 inch #8 gun.

Captain Doscher


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